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Firehiwot Dado
Assela, Ethiopia
Bib #F6

PRONUNCIATION: Fear-a-wott Daa-do

AGE: 28 (09Jan84)

PERSONAL BEST: 2:23:15 (New York City, 2011)

06Nov11 ING New York City Marathon 1st 2:23:15

20Mar11 Rome Marathon 1st 2:24:13?
28Nov10 Florence Marathon 1st 2:28:58?
26Sep10 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 5th 2:26:40?
21Mar10 Rome Marathon 1st 2:25:28?
17Jan10 Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 5th 2:33:38?
25Oct09 Commerzbank Frankfurt Marathon 4th 2:29:20?
22Mar09 Rome Marathon 1st 2:27:08
? 05Oct08 Kosice Marathon 2nd 2:37:34

Three-time consecutive winner of the Rome Marathon, Firehiwot Dado Tufa combined talent and strategy to prevail as the champion of the 2011 New York City Marathon a slim four seconds ahead of countrywoman Buzunesh Deba. Dado’s 2:23:15 performance was a personal best by nearly a minute and the fastest time ever recorded by an Ethiopian woman on the New York course. “I have been received as a great champion in my home country for my victory in the 2011 New York City Marathon,” says Dado. “It is a very big and historic race and many people in Ethiopia know about it and how difficult it is to win.” Her New York victory should have come as no surprise, says Dado, “I have always pushed myself very hard and once I got a taste of victory in Rome, I never wanted to stop until I was at the pinnacle of our sport.”

Dado says, “I became a runner just like the majority of the athletes in Ethiopia by starting to run early in school and developing it into something that I could earn an income. I started training all the time.” She trains at altitude in Addis Ababa with her coach Haji Adilo and is affiliated with Hussein Makke’s group of runners. Of her first Boston, Dado says, “I chose to run in Boston this year, because Boston is one of the most famous races in the world and it was a natural choice to come here after winning in New York City this year.”